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The Art of Water Marbling as a Business

Your Business in a Box (Online) | taught by Star McCain

Course description

Water Marbling as a Business - the course that will change your life!

This is an astounding multimedia program covering literally every aspect of setting up a water marbling business of your own, based on the success of Mayu Silk Art.

Most Unique Product - San Diego County Fair 2015

The real magic of this art form is that literally anyone can do it, and we believe the same is true when it comes to setting up a water marbling business, as long as you have the right tools, guidance, and understanding of this specific type of enterprise.

Although franchises would go for $15,000 and up, this intense, comprehensive program - which allows you complete autonomy to build your own business your own way - is being offered for just $995.  You can get that back - and more - by doing just one event! How's that for a great ROI?


  • A chance to jump into the growing independent handmade artisan market, ahead of the rest
  • Our Resource and Suppliers List and our Guide to Best Practices.
  • Over 3 hours of video training
  • Access to exclusive online forums and live stream video
  • Our secret to what's in the water 
  • Learn all of the basic processes and techniques for successful water marbling.
  • Tips on how to savetime and money
  • Valuable insight on what has worked for us, and what has not, allowing you to avoid many costly and frustrating pitfalls
  • Answers to frequently asked questions, and a space to ask your own questions and receive feedback from your instructors
  • Find out what has worked for us, and what has not, allowing you to avoid many costly and frustrating pitfalls
  • Learn how we have made a successful business out of what is typically a studio art
  • Get priceless tips on how to market your business and sell your product
  • Take a look at how we have used Social Media and our website to generate excitement and reach a wider customer base
  • Tap into our knowledge base to help jump start your own creative ideas for setting up a business that is uniquely yours

*US RESIDENTS ONLY will also receive access to our Wholesale Price List, which offers steeply discounted prices on tools and certain key materials 

Star McCain
Star McCain
Co-Founder (the artsy one)

The art of water marbling never ceases to fascinate me, but my focus has never been on my own artwork. I enjoy watching others create their own unique swirling designs on the water just as much as I enjoy doing it myself. I guess my art, really, is in helping others to explore the unique experience of painting on water.  I am super excited about the possibilities this opportunity gives for other folks who, like me, have discovered that a creative, meaningful life can be a profitable one, as well.

I seldom sit still for long unless I am working at the computer, so by far the best way to reach me is by email


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