We believe folks are naturally curious. Star's mom taught her, "The only bad question is the one you didn't ask."  So, ask away!  We'll do our best to give honest, helpful answers.  

Q.  What is this difference between the online course and the BIAB in person class that you teach at your studio?

A.  Great question!  The curriculum for the online course is based on the 3-day class which we have been offering for over a year. With input from our students, we've tweaked and improved on the class content with each new class, and as we improve the live class, we will also improve the online course material.  Updates will be available to all of our online students.

That said, there are a few key differences. 

  1. Costs Less. There is a significant price difference, primarily because students taking our online course will need to procure the necessary materials (the live class includes materials). A materials list will be provided (kits will be available for purchase starting in summer 2018).
  2. Learn at your own pace with the online class. Review key lessons over and over again as often as needed. This course has not expiration date - it is yours to keep.
  3. Convenience. While the live class offers a wonderful sense of camaraderie and hands-on, face-to-face learning, we realize that not everyone has the time or means to commit to a three-day class in California.   Your time is valuable. The online course is more concise, not cluttered with interuptions from other students or wandering conversation. And, you can schedule your learning around your lifestyle. Finish the course in one day, or take it slow. It's entirely up to you.

Q.  I'm an online participant in The Art of Water Marbling as a Business, and I'm eager for more! Can I sign up for a live BIAB class at your studio?

A. Yes!  Augment your 3-day Class with our new online class - or vice versa - and save $775 off the a-la-carte pricing! Once you have paid for one class, you will receive a coupon code to get the other one for a greatly reduced price. This special is being offered for a limited time only, so order soon!

  • Buy the 3-day BIAB class for one person at the early bird price of $1950, get the online course for just $200. Total bundled price for one person: $2150 (you save $775)!!
  • Buy the online course for $975, and get the 3-day BIAB class with early bird discount for just $1175. Total cost for both courses for one person: $2150 (you save $775)!!!
  • Visit https://www.mayusilkart.com/store/p12/BIAB to learn more about our in-person classes.

Q.  What kind of Return On Investment (ROI) can I expect?

A.  Of course, we cannot guarantee your ROI because each student is going to set up their business their own way, but we can say that you only need to sell about 32 scarves at our suggested price point to cover the full tuition cost of this course (which can easily be done in 2 small parties or events). This estimate takes into account the material costs of the scarves themselves.

Q.  Does this course include a materials kit?

A.  A kit is not included in the tuition fee. Sign up for the Free Trial to view the video on training materials, most of which you can purchase at your local art supply. Once you sign up for the course, a full list of materials, including links to our favorite vendors as well as our own BIAB student store, where you can purchase tools, trays, and certain key supplies directly from Mayu Silk Art at exclusive discounted student  prices. A variety of kits will be available for purchase starting in summer 2018.

Q.  How much will I need to invest in hard assets such as trays, tools, and materials?

A.  Again, this figure is hard to pin down, as each entrepreneur will have a unique business plan. Some students will be eager to build quickly, requiring a larger initial outlay, while others will be content to start small and build progressively. But unless you are looking to start your own water marbling factory or brick-and-mortar facility, we estimate that you can anticipate an initial outlay of between $3000 and $5000 for a business startup, or between $1250 and $3000 for a home studio, including the cost of this course (this estimate is based largely on our observation of students who have already taken our courses).

Q.  If I take this course, can you guarantee my success as a water marbler?

A. Nope. Life has few guarantees, and this is not one of them. This is not a franchise - you will build your business your own way, and we will have no oversight of your work.  Some folks will grasp the techniques more readily than others; likewise, some folks will be more passionate about building their business than others. For this reason, we can make no claim of success on your behalf. But we fully believe that you CAN and WILL succeed if you follow our guidelines, and get out there and work your business.  The art of water marbling requires some physical effort and patience to master, but as you hone your skills and work your business plan, it should get easier. And we'll be here to provide ongoing support in the way of additional learning opportunities, course improvements, webinars and forums, and more.

Q.  Does Mayu Silk Art LLC offer franchises?

A.  We are not offering franchises at this time, but hope to be able to do so in the future. Should this become available, we will definitely let all of our students know.

Q.  Do you have gift certificates, so that I can buy this course as a gift?  

A. Yes!  Please visit our online store to purchase this class as a gift. Be sure to list your recipient's email address in the Shipping Address.  www.mayusilkart.com/store

Q.  Does this course have an expiration date?

A. No, this initial class has no expiration date. 

Q.  Do you offer additional online courses?

A.  We plan to offer master classes and other programs in the future. Such classes will vary in cost, and may include such topics as water marbling as sales and marketing, art therapy, 3D hydro-dipping, water marbled jewelry and fine ornaments, paper flowers, furoshiki, advanced paint techniques, tray and tool making, retreat planning, and more.  Be sure to add your name to our email list to stay up to date with future developments and products.

Q.  I still have questions. Can I contact you directly?

A. You bet!  Please email Star at info@mayusilkart.com with any questions or concerns, or give us a call. 

Studio: (714) 379-1990

Mobile: (949) 424-34